I think it's fair to say that following the general election the majority of us are feeling discombobulated. The past couple of weeks have promised hope to many and yet we still face the unknown in terms of the country's future. What we need is something familiar, edifying and reassuring whilst we get our shit together again. Fortunately LE LION might just be the solace we require.

"LE LION is a British clothing brand based out of the seaside town of Margate. Uniting the rebellious energy of global skate, street and music cultures with clothing that will last you a lifetime. 

That t-shirt, the one that you always want to pull on, every single day, you'll wear it forever, until it falls apart, even then you'd get it stitched back together if you can, it's so faded that only you know what it is about, everyone else thinks you should have recycled it years ago but it's a part of you, it's what you stand for, it puts that spring in your step, it puts you in your good place. 

And that's what LE LION wants to be, clothing that you always to go back to, you'll wear it forever.

LE LION the brand(name) came about after founder Matt Smith was looking at images of the post Watts rebellion groups that were coming through in LA in the mid-sixties, the young lions in their yellow Simba sweats hit the most, inspired by the Simba freedom fighters in the Congo, this young militant group were "the most disciplined, determined radical, ideologically grounded, service-oriented, combat-prepared struggle-committed youth groups in the movement" and they looked it. 

LE LION clothes are driven by an uncompromising pursuit of engaging the customer with staples for today, tomorrow and always."

So the message is pretty clear and the timing couldn't be more perfect. To escape the blues (pun intended) you can get the inaugural print in three colours, Red, Yellow and as of exactly twenty-five minutes ago Black. Whichever one gets your vote the design promises to be a classic, but you'll need to make up your mind quick as sizes are already selling out.