High Five! Part Three - James Skerman aka Nagoya Yom

I met James many moons ago through the Bapetalk2 forum, we're both Gooners and pretty much into the same fashion and music too. If we hadn't shared the same space before I'd swear we were in alternate dimensions, or else he is me from the future. James lives in Nagoya, Japan and is an English teacher. He also writes and provides photos for the likes of Hypebeast and Highsnobiety. I am pretty sure his favourite night of the week is a Wednesday.

James Skerman - Teacher, Photographer, Blogger

B> What can you say about your 2013 in five words or less?
 JS> Much better than originally expected. (I was convinced that a year with 13 in it and it being the year of the snake meant that I was screwed haha)

B> Most cherished pick up from last year?
 JS> When I sat down and thought about this, it actually turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it was gonna be haha. I've been lucky enough to purchase some great items this year including "Grail" pieces such as my visvim x NBHD GORE-TEX coach jacket, visvim GRIZZLY boots, and NIKE Lunar Force 1 x fragment design. But it think I'm actually going to go for one of my non-fashion related pick ups and say my iPad is my favourite from 2013.

B> Favourite event of 2013?
 JS> This is much easier to answer than no.2 haha. The BAPELAND exhibition held at NIGO's old atelier in Tokyo. An awesome experience.

B> What can we expect from you in 2014?
 JS> As mentioned in no.2 my favorite purchase was my iPad. The reason for this is that I'm hoping it will help me blog more "on the go" so I can bring my readers a better look at life in Japan that isn't limited to just special events or fashion reports/scans.

B> What brand do you expect big things from this year?
 JS> Unfortunately I only see things getting worse for brands like Supreme and BAPE (of course they will still sell but that doesn't mean it's good right?). I think NBHD and WTAPS will stay consistent along with the usually also-rans. If I had to chose a brand to keep an eye on then I'd say PEEL&LIFT. You certainly won't see any of the big blogs running post about it but I think it's a great, little brand that makes some awesome pieces. I hope to feature more from he on my blog this year.

You can see James' work on his SITE, and I strongly suggest you check out his part on NIGO® & SKATETHING in the Hypebeast Magazine Issue 3 THE IMPRESSIONS ISSUE. I expect big things from this guy this year! Arigato gozimasu Yom!

Photos taken from James' Instagram account, without his permission.