High Five! Part Five - Beatriz Urena aka Sheshynes aka Bellabeatriz

Like James I met Bee through the Bapetalk2 forum years ago, and I've had the pleasure of watching her mature and grow like a rose. She is known for her selfies, style and her inspirational posts on Instagram. As a full time mother I have nothing but respect for her approach to life and the World around her. Oh and she's fiercely proud of her Dominican roots. Boricua, morena!

Beatriz Urena - Mother, Fashionista, Model, Blogger, Mermaid

B> Highlight of 2013 for you?
 BU> Highlight of 2013 for me was being able to take two mini vacations from work and parenting aside from taking Abby to various children's concerts which she enjoyed greatly.

B> What's it like seeing yourself on a t-shirt, and can we expect more in 2014?
 BU> It's humbling that some people would actually want to wear my creation, but even more so with my face on it. I've been working on my second tee, its just a bit difficult being a mother and all to actually finish producing it because I want it to be as good of quality as the first tee. I also work in the fashion district so my tee line/project is not my primary focus unfortunately. I will also release my first tee through my own production instead of using a third party so that it can be more available to people interested in that design.

B> Can you tell us a bit about your blog and your intentions with it going forward? 
 BU> My blog was mainly created as a form of creative outlet for myself aside from social forums. I felt I was limited in what I wanted to post on places like Facebook due to family and friends following my every post. So I started channelling my likes on my blog and soon I acquired a decent amount of followers. I initially wanted to use my blog as a tool to launch a future clothing line I've been dreaming of since a young age. At some point in the near future I would love to properly revamp my blog with a more personal appearance, create it all to my liking, and hopefully become a well known fashion blogger worldwide.

B> How do you always look so good when juggling family, work and a social life? 
 BU> Thank you lol. I try to think to myself that everyday is a new opportunity to represent and introduce yourself to the world, so I try to channel my style as best as I can with the little time I have to do so. Ive been a clothing shopaholic since a young age and I have luckily not fluctuated weight after my pregnancy so I have kept most of my clothes from younger days. To me, dressing is an outlet to my creativity, its not work at all, i actually enjoy it.

B> Who takes the photos of you that are posted on Instagram? 
 BU> Usually I always have a coworker or good friend around. They already know what I'm about so they are not judgmental about taking my pics. I also take a lot of selfies if I'm alone and want to capture a certain scene. Very seldom I ask strangers, but when I feel like I'm gonna miss out on something "bloggable" I get the courage to ask lol.

If I was you I'd go straight to her Instagram and see the World as she does. Then take the day off work and browse her BLOG from the start, you might pick up some very necessary style tips, or just see tons of David Beckham photos naked. Whatever floats your boat!

Photos taken from Beatriz's Instagram account without her permission.