Jacket Required?

I will be attending Jacket Required for the first time next week, representing The Reference Council family. It may be better described as 'along for the ride' but it's something I've wanted to experience and I'm grateful for the opportunity. Dubbed "The Homecoming" via the JR blog, AW14 sees the show return to Shoreditch for the first time since its conception in 2011. Lucky for me it's within walking distance as I work right around the corner.

What's not so lucky for me is I have absolutely no clue as to what I should wear. Being held in Shoreditch, common sense tells me I should layer up top, and wear selvedge denim pin-rolled obviously, wacky socks and brogues. Not forgetting the five-panel cap. So far all I have going for me is the hipster beard. So you see my dilemma. I'm going to be browsing some very well established brands as well as cool emerging labels. I'm also likely to be a decade older than most people there. Having scanned the names of the brands being showcased I admit to feeling a little anxious. OK we'll have to get back to this.

I feel the brand I have the most affinity with is Addict. With David Jefferies having just announced his departure it will be good to see either his last involvement or indeed a taste of what's to come. Addict for me have always done British street wear proud, with exceptional Outerwear in particular, and compelling collaborations. The Artist Series' with Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics score pretty high on the Geek-o-Meter and no explanation needed for my personal favourites "Girls On Bikes" by Insa and "Smoking Girls" by Richard Kern. I'm very close to buying an old t-shirt done with X-Large and a classic varsity jacket as I near payday. And hey, they do camo and black better than most. Check out their press for the show if any further proof is really required.

In alphabetical order to keep things easy, here is a list of the stands I want to check out, or not and little bit of why.

I find BBC Black and Bee Line intriguing. The news of a BBC Vault line has gone some ways in providing hope that the quality and designs are set to improve.

Carhartt WIP will be strong.

I wonder what Dickies are going to bring to the table, off the back of some brilliantly marketed collabs in recent times.

Dr. Martens won't disappoint. Solid but not mind blowing.

I hope Edwin have a good showing. Become a fan in the last year or so, a lot of quality throughout their recent collections.

Gourmet (now sans Jon Buscemi) has been challenging standard footwear design silhouettes for more than a minute. I expect even more audacious styles from the Greg Lucci camp.

Human Made are on the list alongside many of the brands distributed by ANON* but I wonder if it will be just another look into Nigo's personal wardrobe. I don't mean that as a bad thing, I am a big fan of his and this brand, it's something that resonates well with me.

Huit Denim is a heartwarming story, but I just don't love denim to that extent to really get excited.

I can't decide whether Known is trying to be HBA-ish, or is of real inclination from this side of the pond.

Knight Mills looks to have the formula to be one of the UK greats. The products reflect real intent and passion, both in good measure. My love affair with woven blankets is perhaps making me biased but let's see. (Did you know a noun of bias is diagonal weave of fabric?)

Lee 101 is my go to brand for denim.

LVC fascinates me. Is reproduction really that expensive?

Milkcrate without a doubt embodies all that we associate with the term street wear, all the good aspects of the relevant cultures. I feel like this stand will be the stand out, get it?

I'm surprised to see Play Cloths on the list. From their first run of t-shirts and a fairly decent logo, let's see how far they've come with their collection.

I want to rub myself over everything with the Pendleton label, but doubt there will be much of a story, more like a sales pitch.

Rascals could be a pleasant surprise as an emerging brand for sure. Be good to keep a close watch on what they're up to.

That's my lot. I only have a single afternoon to get around and have a chat, whilst enjoying some beautifully bottled Ch√Ęteau Neubourg, but I promise to make every sip, I mean second count. Peace.

- Oh fuck me what the shit am I going to wear?! I wonder if Pharrel will be needing his Buffalo hat next week, or if the robots will lend me a YSL suit and helmet.