High Five! Part Two - Jess Jade aka The Screaming Skull

It's the weekend and the sun is shining. Just time to post part two before it all kicks off. Have a great one and hope you enjoy the below.

 I find Jess both absolutely lovely and super intimidating at the same time. I've known of her from many visits into the legendary Rock and Roll jewellery store The Great Frog. As time passed and I stopped being so clammy and nervous we struck up a conversation about what else, skulls. She loves them, in a big way. I don't think a day has gone by for (the Dark) Lord knows how long, if ever, where she hasn't come into contact with a skull. Normal everyday objects you may have at home, or at work, she has too but they are skulls. Her clothes and accessories are more often than not adorned with skulls. She also has tattoos and a funny accent.

Jess Jade - Shop Manager of The Great Frog London, Rock Chick, Mean Mother Fucker

B> What was your standout moment of 2013?
 J> Reached a breaking point where my life shattered, but I was able to put myself back together again, rebuild, re-invent, re-create...

B> Where did the skull obsession come from? 
 J> The greatest lesson I ever learnt was to expect death and be prepared for it. Skulls remind me that death is inevitable "enjoy your life. you will be dead soon enough" "memento mori".

B>What can you tell us about the shop that we might not know?
 J> (Jess didn't actually answer this question. Whether it was at the request of the mystical forces behind TGF or she just didn't wanna, we will never know!)

B> Any side projects you are working on or wish to pursue? 
 J> Sewing: started to make my own clothing!

B> Favourite tattoo artist and why? 
 J> I don't have a favourite. I have people I visit and people I still need to!

I was only partly serious about her being intimidating, she is awesome. If you haven't been to The Great Frog, kill yourself and donate your skull to her. Of course I don't mean that, but you are borderline lame if you don't get over there right now. Follow her on Instagram for beautiful shots of skulls and flower arrangements, sinister selfies, strangers wearing skulls and more recently semi-nudes of the rock goddess herself. That's as long as you can stomach the site of her weird looking cat with different coloured eyeballs. That shit freaks me out.

Photos taken from Jess' Instagram account without her permission.